IronKey Secure Flash Drive Features

IronkeyVoted Computer World’s best encrypted USB device, IronKey has created one of the highest quality secure flash drives on the market.

Its USB flash encryption techniques allow it to be one of the safest ways to store confidential information and online passwords, and its multi-leveled security which spans from the online forms all the way to the internal Cryptochip ensure that your data encryption is both safe and accessible.

IronKey Features

IronKey has many features that help it stand out from the other available products. In addition to its waterproof, stainless steel casing, IronKey also has:

  • The IronKey Cryptochip – military grade AES encryption designed to prevent unauthorized access using a complicated series of blocks and transformations.

  • Passwords can be up to 99 characters, and can also be randomly generated by IronKey or self-entered, with the option to use only numbers and letters or every possible key combination of the keyboard depending on your preference.

  • An inner blanket that protects the hard drive from water and shock.

  • A strong, durable case that is not only resistant to the environment, but so difficult to pry open that doing so almost always damages its internal contents.

  • IronKey comes with a Firefox web browser installed, along with all the proper online security software, in order to make sure that your passwords are uploaded correctly. In addition, your web browsing takes place using the USB device’s software, so when you leave the computer you do not leave a trace behind.

  • Online security features, including anti-phishing images that show up whenever you access your account so you can be certain you are accessing IronKey’s site rather than a fake site.

  • A locking feature that you can enable even while the IronKey device is in a port, so that if you leave the computer and someone tries to access the files, the data is still locked. - 1, 2 or 4 megabyte sizes to choose from.

  • Automatic online password backup that only works using secure servers.

In addition to all of these attributes, IronKey’s best security feature is its self destruct system that automatically deletes and rewrites over all of your data, including your backup data, ensuring it can never be recovered and all users permanently locked out.

Also, IronKey secure flash drives are some of the fastest drives on the market, with 18 megabytes per second writing speed and a 25 megabyte per second reading speed. It is also expected to last for 100,000 write cycles.

The makers of IronKey’s hardware encrypted flash drives put a great deal of thought and time into all aspects of personal and confidential security – from the initial online forms you fill out in order to register the USB device, to web browsing, to a self-destruct system and safeguards against tampering.

IronKey is easily one of the safest USB drives you can purchase, well worth the additional cost for the additional safety.


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